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Begin with the end in mind

Every new engagement begins with a conversation.  We take the time to listen and learn about what is most important to you.  Our priority is to help you work towards your financial goals - whatever they are.

Beginning your financial journey

Before we can give you any sense of direction, we need to know where it is you want to go.  That is why our financial planning process begins with the end in mind.  From there, it's important that we determine where you are today.  Our initial engagement process helps identify both where you want to be, as well as where you are today. 


Learn more about our Initial Engagement process.

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Our Planning Process

Our financial planning process aims to try and turn your complicated financial problems into simple, straightforward solutions.  Whether you are planning for retirement, trying to maximize your wealth, or just need help getting financially organized, we can help you simplify your financial life through our planning process.

Our step by step planning process

  1.  Introduction Meeting  

The objective in our first meeting is to learn about you, your financial goals, and your current financial standing.  

There is no cost for an introduction or presentation meeting.  Our goal is to use this time to get to know you and your financial situation, and to see if we are a good fit.

 2.  Plan Presentation Meeting  

Our second meeting is intended to make sure we understand your goals, and to present ideas to try and help you address those goals. 


It's important that your plan reflects your values and goals.  From there, we will outline a step by step plan that we believe can help you pursue your financial goals.  

 3.  Ongoing Engagement or Parting Wisdom  

After going through the initial planning process, we will determine together whether we are the best equipped to help you work toward your financial goals. 


If we're not the best fit, we will give you a list of action items for you to implement, or guide you to someone who can help with your needs. 


If we think we can help you, we will give you time to come to the same conclusion.  At that point, we will begin our onboarding process that focusses on your most important goals first.  No sales pressure - just local advisors helping neighbors.

Your future is waiting

Contact us today to get started planning for your future

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